Debate Settled: Is Go-Karting A Sport? (Exploring The Argument)

Go-Karting is a type of motor-racing sport and popular recreational activity that involves driving small, low-slung vehicles around a track.
Is Go-Karting A Sport? or a hobby

Most people are quick to dismiss go-karting as a credible sport. Some think it is just for fun while others perceive it’s too simple to cut. Since all the driver does is drive the cart around in circles and they think this can be done by anyone. 

Keep reading to find the qualities that make go-karting a sport contrary to popular opinion.  

Why Is Go-karting A Good Sport?

Karting as a extreme sport


study was carried out using UK adults as a case study at Team Sport. During the karting event, a tracking device was used to monitor heart rate and calories burnt during the race. The research showed that the group burnt an average of 358 calories every 30 minutes. This is 40% more than the calories burnt during jogging.

Go-karting not only improves the heart rate but also strengthens the muscles of the arm and forearm due to continuous maneuvering of the vehicle.

It also triggers the release of the adrenaline hormone which improves metabolism by dilating the blood vessels. This boosts the rate of oxygen transport in the blood vessels and other body parts.


Like all other sports, go-karting is competitive and requires a high skill level. At the end of a go-karting race, there are winners and losers. This means that people have to contend to emerge victorious at the end of the day, it is not a walk around the park like most people think.

Other sports are often marked out by championships, leagues, trophies, and many more. Go-karting is not an exception because riders can join different leagues and championships and compete for trophies. It is better to get started with club races before progressing to more competitive championships.

Rules and Regulations 

The dangers of go-karting cannot be overlooked and for this reason, many people consider other sports safer. However, there are rules and regulations that if strictly adhered to can prevent these dangers. 

Bear in mind that go-karts are not toy cars. If you handle it like a toy, you are most likely going to be involved in an accident getting yourself and other racers hurt in the process. It requires a level of skill, attention to detail, and instructions.

Also, it is important to check the go-kart before starting the race to ensure no part is faulty or broken. A faulty go-kart will end up doing more harm than good. In addition, emphasis must be made to discourage racers from wearing loose clothing. With this, they can avoid accidents that occur as a result of clothing getting stuck in the go-kart wheels or engine.

Settling The Debate: Is Go-karting A Sport?

Go-kart racing a real sport

When it comes to considering if go-karting is a sport. There are two different schools of thought; those that think that it is a sport and those that oppose this opinion by making claims that disqualify go-karting from being considered a sport. Arguments to support and oppose the claim that go-karting is a sport are explained below.

Physical standpoint 

Most people with the opposing point of view that go-karting is not a sport have never been in a kart before. It is physically demanding and requires a high level of skill. It puts every part of your body to work and is a way to burn calories. It is also good to note that go-kart racers don’t stop, whether it’s in the rain or the hot scorching sun the race has to go on.

Mental standpoint 

Go-karting doesn’t only strain your muscles, it also requires a lot of mental preparation, especially for professional go-kart racers.

Most leagues ensure that the racers are mentally ready for at least a day before the racing event. It might look like a lot, but this is the secret of most outstanding go-kart racers.

Close relationship with other sports 

To compete in a go-karting race, you must be part of a club or register in leagues and championships which is basically how other sports are run. There are practice and qualifying rounds that can take place on the same day on different days, depending on the league.

With these few points, I think it is right to say that Go-karting is a sport. The fact will not be established without taking the arguments of the other school of thought into consideration.

Low publicity of Go-kart racers 

Go-karting is not profitable compared to other sports. Professional Go-kart racers are not publicized and a large percentage of people around the world don’t even know the famous ones. They don’t attract crowds and endorsements which makes a large percentage of them earn below the spectrum. Many of them have to pay to participate in a race and end up earning below what they paid to participate in the race.

The dangers involved 

Compared to other sports, many people think Go-karting is dangerous. 

But the truth is that every sport has its dangers. 

Safety Measures include:

  • Avoid loose clothing of any kind 
  • Don’t race after drinking alcohol 
  • Don’t drive outside the tracks 
  • Don’t treat karts like bumper cars 
  • Don’t race with passengers 
  • Check the kart properly before the race 
  • Wear a seatbelt and helmet

As long as racers abide by these safety rules, they have nothing to fear. 

Benefits Of Go-Karting As A Sport For Kids 

Is karting safe for kids

Go-karting is an exciting sport for people across all age groups. Apart from the fact that it improves motor skills, it is also a great way for families to have fun and spend time together bonding. 

Here are several benefits of Go-karting for kids.

Teaches Responsibility 

One great lesson kids must learn early in life is how to take responsibility for their actions. Before driving the kart, kids must learn about the rules, how to use the gear, and many more. They must understand that all that happens while driving the kart is largely determined by them. This can also be applied to other areas of their lives, making them responsible adults later on in life.

Encourages Socialization 

Go-karting is an amazing way to teach kids how to socialize and interact with other people. Kids can enjoy the sport with friends or members of their family because it encourages teamwork and cooperation which are essential life-long skills.

Develops Confidence 

Go-karting can help kids build confidence because it puts them in control of the kart and teaches them to make sound decisions. This builds a high level of confidence and self-esteem in themselves as they improve their skills and become better at Go-karting.

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Concerns For Kids 

Many parents think that Go-karting is extremely dangerous and little children should not be allowed to go anywhere near it. This is not entirely true because children are faced with many other daily activities that can cause dangers if they are not properly monitored. Go-karting has safety rules and regulations to safeguard racers, especially kids.

Most hazards associated include kart flipping over or going under another kart. The probability of these things happening on a track designed for kids is incredibly low, so parents have nothing to fear 

Final Thoughts 

Go-karting is a physically demanding and competitive sport. Racers need to be physically and mentally fit before going for a race. Saying that Go-karting is not a sport will be disheartening to most racers that have invested time, energy, and their entire lives in the sport.



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