6 Best Way To Transport A Go-Kart (Mastering Safe Transportation Techniques)

Learn the 6 best ways to transport a go-kart safely. Options include trailers, vans, pickup truck, hitch carriers, car trunks, and roof racks.
best way to transport a go-kart

Are you planning to transport your Go-Kart but aren’t sure about safe transportation techniques?

Go-karts can weigh over 170 lbs, and most of them aren’t street-legal, either. That means you will have to arrange suitable transport considering your go-kart’s weight and size and use proper resources like straps to secure your go-kart during transit.

This article will list the best way to transport a go-kart using safe transportation techniques.

1. Inside A Trailer

Using a trailer is one of the best ways to transport a go-kart, especially when you have multiple go-karts. Since trailers come in different sizes, you can pick the right one based on your requirements. 

Additionally, trailers also feature railings, bars, or full covers that will help you secure your go-kart with minimal fuss.

For instance, a cargo trailer will suffice your needs if you want to transport one go-kart. Likewise, a larger trailer featuring more levels will allow you to transport multiple go-karts. However, a larger trailer will cost you more and may require additional resources for safe transportation.

Here are the benefits of using a trailer for go-kart transportation.

  • Weather protection: Trailers that feature a cover will perform well in extreme weather conditions. This type of trailer comes with a durable cover that offers optimal protection, especially for long distances.
  • Ease of transportation: A trailer attaches to any vehicle, making it the perfect transportation mode to carry a go-kart. Furthermore, larger trailers offer more space allowing you to carry more goods.
  • Better security: A trailer features bars, railings, and a dedicated cover that enhances your go-kart’s security. You can use durable straps to secure your go-kart, especially when you have a lot of distance to cover.

So how do you secure a go-kart inside the back of a trailer? After attaching the trailer to your vehicle, use a loading ramp to lift your go-kart inside the trailer. Once you place your go-kart inside, employ durable straps to secure your go-kart. 

However, ensure that you have extra hands when loading your go-kart onto the trailer.

2. In The Back Of Your Van

Using an empty-panel van to transport your kart is a popular option among go-kart owners. 

Since vans are longer and wider than traditional vehicles, you can load your go-kart and keep it intact during transport. Furthermore, vans are more convenient to maneuver than a trailer as you won’t have to bother about pulling an attachment during transit.

How to prepare the van to carry your go-kart? Before you prepare to load your go-kart on the van, ensure that you pick the right van which will support the dimension of your go-kart.

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Once you pick your transport, use a ramp to load your go-kart onto the van. After loading, secure your kart using belts or other cords and ensure that you keep your go-kart away from the van’s walls.

Here are the things that you will need to keep your go-kart secure during transit.

  • Belts with rachets: Most vans offer interior hooks to secure luggage. You can use these hooks and use belts with ratchets to enhance the tension and secure your go-kart during transit.
  • Wheel chocks: Wheel chocks keep your go-kart’s small tires in place and prevent movement. So, placing them behind the tires will keep your go-kart firm during transit.
  • Bungee cords: Bungee cords are heavy-duty cords and can secure your go-kart, preventing any movement. However, you might have to use multiple cords if your go-kart is heavy.

3. On The Back Of A Pickup Truck Bed

If you have a pickup truck that can carry heavy weights, transporting a go-kart shouldn’t be a problem. Pickups have immense power and torque, which will help you transport your favorite go-kart from one place to the other.

Some pickups have deeper beds, allowing you to carry multiple go-karts at one go. However, ensure that the pickup truck has enough anchor points to secure your go-kart during transit.

So what are the things you need to consider when using a pickup truck to transport go-karts? 

As mentioned earlier, most pickup trucks feature multiple anchor points. However, it would be best to choose a pickup motor that has suitable rails, mats, and covers to provide maximum protection for your go-kart.

Furthermore, proper weight distribution is also vital for safety. If you fail to manage the weight, your go-kart can move during transit which might cause damage to its engine or other body parts.

You can use belts or bungee cords to secure your go-kart and employ wheel chocks to keep your go-kart intact.

4. On A Hitch Carrier

If you don’t have access to a trailer, van, or pickup truck, you can employ a hitch carrier to do the heavy lifting. While it may seem unconventional, using a hitch carrier is undoubtedly an efficient and cost-effective option.

However, you will need a hitch receiver installed in your car to attach the carrier. Once you have all the things set, you will have the perfect setup to also transport your kart.

So which hitch carrier should you employ for the job? Choosing a hitch carrier depends on the size and weight of your dedicated go-kart. Since you can find hitch carriers in multiple sizes, getting one that will fit your go-cart shouldn’t be a problem.

However, ensure that your vehicle can carry and support the carrier, as it might play a significant role during transit. Furthermore, ensure that you use the right accessories to balance your go-kart’s weight and install the hitch carrier correctly.

5. In The Trunk Of Your Car

Larger cars like SUVs or minivans have a wider trunk area, especially when you fold the seats. If you own one, check your car’s dimensions and evaluate whether you can fit your go-kart inside without any damage.

So what should you do if you want to move your go-kart in your car’s trunk? As mentioned earlier, measuring the dimensions is vital to get things right. Furthermore, you must also check all the accessories that you may need to keep your go-kart intact.

However, you may have to remove your go-kart’s bumpers or disassemble other parts to get the perfect fit. Although removing parts from your go-kart can be time-consuming, it will undoubtedly offer some space for additional luggage.

Furthermore, use a tarp or blanket while placing your go-kart to prevent scratches or damage. This way, your car will also remain clean during the transportation process.

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In short, fitting your go-kart in your car’s trunk might have some niggles, but it is undoubtedly one of the budget-friendly ways of doing it.

6. On Top Of Your Car (Roof Rack)

Larger vehicles often feature wider roofs, which means you can employ them to convey your go-kart to the roof. However, you have to ensure that you install a suitable roof rack that can support the weight of your go-kart to avoid damage.

Once you install the roof rack, employ a loading ramp to load your go-kart and ask your friends or family to secure the go-kart on the roof. Furthermore, use heavy-duty cords to secure the go-kart and balance the weight to ensure a smooth journey.

You will also have to consider wind resistance while transporting a go-kart on your car’s roof. In short, using suitable roof racks, employing heavy-duty straps, and maintaining balance will undoubtedly help while transporting a go-kart on top of your car.

Securing The Go-kart For Transportation

Go kart Transportation

After picking the right transportation mode, securing the go-kart is a vital phase in the whole setup. You have to ensure that you choose suitable accessories for the job that will help you achieve your goal with minimal fuss.

Here are some of the things that you will need for transporting a kart safely.

Straps and Tie-Downs

High-quality straps and tie-downs are vital to secure your go-kart during transit. However, choosing the right straps for the job is crucial, as different types of straps offer contrasting benefits.

For instance, a strap that performs well on a trailer might not offer similar results if you use them on your roof racks. So, choosing the right straps and proper technique to secure the go-kart in different conditions is vital to transport the go-kart safely.

Furthermore, ensure that you maintain even tension while strapping your go-kart to avoid damage.

Wheel Chocks

Wheel chocks keep your go-kart intact during transit, which means using one while loading your go-kart is crucial. Since you can get wheel chocks in different sizes, choosing the right size for your go-kart is also vital.

Once you pick the right sizes, place the wheel chocks behind and in front of your go-kart’s wheels to prevent them from rolling. This way, your go-kart will stay intact and avoid damage during transit.

Go-kart Transport Safety Tips

Besides securing your go-kart with the right equipment and accessories, it is also vital to understand and follow safety guidelines during transit.

Here are some safety tips that will help you move your go-kart without breaking any laws.

Highway Safety

Your car is heavy, and an additional 170+ lbs will make it more demanding. That means checking local laws and regulations for weight limits is essential to transit safely. Furthermore, always comply with highway speed limits and take all necessary precautions while driving on a highway.

Driving Tips

Driving a car alone is very different compared to driving with additional weights. This means you must adapt to the situation and follow proper highway instructions while hauling your go-kart.

Here are some driving tips that will help you transport your go-kart safely:

  • Always check that your go-kart is firm and secured on the trailer or roof.
  • Conduct a test run to understand the new dynamics, especially when you drag a trailer behind your car.
  • Avoid sudden maneuvers on the highway.
  • Maintain speed limit.
  • Maintain proper distance from other cars while driving on the highway.

Maintenance and Inspection

Before starting any journey, you should always consider inspecting your car’s conditions. This way, you can pick up anomalies in your vehicle and act quickly to rectify the fault.

For instance, maintaining tire pressure is crucial while driving on the highway, especially when carrying a heavy go-kart on your roof. Likewise, inspect your tie-down hooks, straps, and other equipment to ensure everything is in line before commencing the journey.

Final Thoughts

Whether you are transporting your go-kart using a trailer, hitch carrier, or on your car’s roof, using suitable equipment and accessories to secure the go-kart is vital during transit.

However, every vehicle has different capabilities, and it would be best to understand your car’s limits and choose the best method to transport your go-kart.



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