Do Go-Karts Have Titles? (Registration And Ownership)

Clear up any confusion on whether go-karts have titles and learn about the registration process in our informative guide.
why do go-karts have titles

Do you know about the registration and ownership process of a Go-kart? Or, simply put, ‘do Go-Karts have titles’?

Generally, Go-Karts are recreational vehicles, so having titles on them is not the question. These vehicles fall under the LSV (Low-Speed Vehicles) category and are often inappropriate for road conditions in most states.

So, you don’t need to register or require any official document to own a Go-Kart. However, some states may require registration, especially if you own an off-road variant. This article will help you understand the Go-Kart registration process and how they look with titles.

What Is A Go-Kart Title?

Just like legal certificates for lands, a title is a similar document for a Go-Kart. A state’s authority issues this certificate to associate owners with their vehicles.

Simply put, you will have to register your Go-Kart if your state’s law has the requirement. Furthermore, each state differs from another, meaning the registration process and requirements may vary from one place to the other.

For instance, Go-Kart owners in Florida must insure, register, and title their vehicles, including PIP (Personal Injury Insurance) and PDL (Property Damage Liability. Furthermore, Go-Kart owners must possess valid driving licenses to operate their vehicles.

Other safety requirements and equipment required in Go-Karts in Florida include:

  • Rear and front turn indicators
  • Tail lamps
  • Headlamps
  • Parking brake
  • Seat belt
  • Vehicle identification number
  • Reflex reflectors
  • Windshield
  • You can drive your Go-Kart on streets with a 35 MPH speed limit or less.

In short, you will have to fulfill a lot of requirements depending on where you reside.

How does a Go-Kart title differ from a traditional one? Go-Karts have distinct requirements, so their titles are significantly different from those of traditional vehicles.

For instance, Go-Karts must have permanently affixed identification numbers on their frame and at a visible location. Although traditional vehicles also follow these rules, you can alter them under some conditions, like a change of ownership.

You can follow this link to take a look at other Go-Kart regulations.

What Does a Go-Kart Title Look Like?

Go-Kart titles contain important information about both the owner and the vehicle.

1.VIN (Vehicle Identification Number), including the manufacturing year and make.
2.Your Go-Kart’s technical specifications
3.License number
4.Owner’s information (not mandatory)

Please note: The requirements and information displayed on the title may differ for different states. So, it would be best to consult your local authority for more details.

How to Register a Go-Kart?

Go-Kart registration is a straightforward process in many states and requires minimum documentation. However, you must ensure that your Kart abides by all legal requirements and has all the necessary equipment.

When you are ready, you can go to your local DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) to start the process of registering your Go-Kart.

Below is a step-by-step guide that will help you register your vehicle.

  • Ensure that you have all the necessary equipment installed in your Go-Kart.
  • Procure the Certificate of Origin from your manufacturer.
  • Purchase bill and Vehicle Identification Number.
  • Fill up the application form provided by the department. It should look like this.
  • Some DMVs (Department of Motor Vehicles) may require insurance proof (Personal Injury Protection and Property Damage Liability).
  • Your identification documents, including your passport, driver’s license, or valid ID card.

After providing your documents, you will have to pay some applicable fees, including registration fees (if applicable in your state), plate, and title fees. 

Do note that the registration fee may vary for different Karts as most departments evaluate the value based on your Go-Kart’s weight

Once you complete all the documentation and pay the fees, your Go-Kart registration process is complete.

How to identify your Go-Kart

Since most owners drive their Karts at Go-Kart clubs, keeping track of your vehicle can be confusing. 

Let alone Karts from similar manufacturers; most owners need to propose legal documentation, which can make identifying individual Karts tricky.

Thankfully, some ways rather than identification signs can help you when you lose your Kart at your local club.

Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)

Although Go-Karts may look identical, each one features a unique Vehicle Identification Number. This number helps owners and manufacturers to differentiate between identical Go-Karts.

Quick Tip: Snap a photo of your Kart’s identification number and store it on your mobile device.

Make and Model

Go-Karts are available for different body types, so judging the size can quickly identify your vehicle. But if you find a similar-sized Kart standing next to yours, you can determine the model by inspecting the sides or the front.

Owner’s Name

You can carry the payment slip, with your vehicle’s serial number, dealership information, and your name on it. This payment proof will help you identify your vehicle.

Date of Purchase

Besides sporting your name and the serial number of your Kart, the payment slip will also have the date of purchase. This information is available on your vehicle, as most dealers mark the purchase date after a sale.

Title Number

The title number is one of the best ways of identifying and proving that you own a Go-Kart. Since Go-Kart titles go through a legal process, you can identify your vehicle with minimal fuss.


Go-Kart owners can embed their signatures on their vehicles to make them unique in the crowd. You can carry your registration document, which will have your signature in case of disputes or misidentifications.

Final Thoughts

We hope that the concept of Go-Kart titles is clear by now, and we also hope that you will get your vehicle registered after reading this post.

Go-Karts are expensive. So, registering your Go-Kart and acquiring a title for your vehicle is the best thing to do. Proper identification and registration will help you identify your kart and also help while claiming ownership.

Besides, registering your Go-Kart is a straightforward process and often necessary, especially if you have an off-road variant. Registering your vehicle also makes you the legal owner and allows you to ply on roads in some states.



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