Can You Go Kart If You Can’t Drive? (License-Free Adventure Explained)

Can You Go Kart If You Can't Drive?

Go karting is really awesome. But do you really need to know how to drive a car or have a license to get behind the wheel of a go kart?

You absolutely can go-kart even if you’ve never driven a car in your life!

Go-karting is so much easier than driving a car and you’ll get the hang of it really fast.

In this post, I’ll go over why you can Go kart even if you can’t drive and why it’s easier than driving normal vehicles. Plus, I’ll explain why it’s super safe.

Can You Go Kart If You Can’t Drive?

Yes, you don’t need to know how to drive or have any past driving experience to ride go karts!

The go karts used at amusement parks and race tracks are way different from normal cars in how they’re made and how fast they go.

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They’ve usually got smaller electric motors instead of big gas engines and go way slower.

Plus, the places that run go kart rides also have staff watching all the time to keep things safe.

So even if you’ve never really driven a vehicle before or aren’t very good at it, don’t worry!

You Don’t Need A License Either

Go-karting without a driving license

Go karts are designed and classified differently than motor vehicles like cars and trucks.

So they do not fall under the same strict government regulations that require all drivers on public roads to be insured, registered and properly licensed.

The lighter frames, basic controls and lower speeds of amusement park go karts allow them to be operated by the general public without needing any approval or documents.

Some locations may have small waiver forms to go over basic ride policies, but that’s usually it when it comes to paperwork!

As long as you meet the location’s minimum standards for age, height and physical health, you’re good to go kart without a driver’s license.

Are Go Karts Easier To Drive Than Cars?

Yes! Go-karts are easier to drive than cars, even for people who have never driven before.

Go-karts have only 3 controls: a steering wheel, a throttle pedal, and a brake pedal.

Cars, on the other hand, have a clutch, gearshift, turn signals, wipers, and many other buttons and knobs, which can be overwhelming for new drivers.

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Plus, they are easier to turn and maneuver because they are lighter and have a shorter wheelbase than cars.

And they’re less likely to spin out if you make a mistake too.

Go-karts can’t go as fast either, so you have more time to react to things happening around you.

And when you’re driving a go-kart, you’re usually on a closed track with no other traffic to worry about. This can be much less stressful than driving on a busy road.

The Only Issues

Go-karts don’t have suspension, so you’ll feel every bump and jolt on the track.

And most go-karts don’t have power steering, so you’ll need to use your muscles to turn the wheel. This can be difficult for some people, especially if they’re not used to physical activity.

Finally, these don’t have airbags or other safety features that cars do.

This means that you need to be extra careful to avoid accidents.

Go Karting Is Safe Even If You Don’t Drive

Go kart businesses will always make safety the top priority.

Nearly all tracks require riders to wear protective gear like helmets, head socks and seat belts.

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The staff members there will carefully demonstrate how to sit properly, place hands and feet correctly, and hold your head before newcomers get on the course.

They’ll also cover how to use important features like brakes, acceleration pedals, safety restraints, steering wheels and power cut-off switches.

Some places even have trainers take first-timers on an example lap until new riders get more comfortable controlling the karts solo.

Bottom Line

Go-karts are a great way for people of all ages and experience levels to get the thrill of driving.

With a little coaching on the basics, anybody can get out there and try zooming around. How well or if you can drive a normal car doesn’t matter for go karting!


Is Driving An Automatic Like Driving A Go-Kart?

Yes, automatic cars also have only a steering wheel, a gas pedal, and a brake pedal but they go much faster and are way more powerful.



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