Do Go-Karts Have Power Steering? (What’s Behind The Wheel)

You won't believe the shocking truth behind why go-karts don't have power steering! Find out how to maneuver these tricky cars with ease and discover the different types of power steering available.
Do Go-Karts Have Power Steering all the time

The lack of power steering in go-kart makes this sports car light. Power steering helps reduce the driver’s effort to steer the front wheels. However, go-karts have a manual steering system leaving the drivers to resort to physical force for steering. 

Keep reading as we delve further into the steering system in go-karts and tips to steer this car with ease. 

Understanding Power Steering In Go-Karts

The steering system plays a crucial role in any vehicle. It helps in the effective control of the car with safety. Besides, the inclusion of power steering makes it super easy for drivers to turn the steering wheel, mainly during low-speed maneuvers. 

However, in this case, turning the front wheels is challenging since there is no power steering, requiring extra effort compared to other cars. The steering system in this sports car has minimal components, making it super light. 

Here, the steering wheel and steering shaft are interconnected. It’s then connected to two tie rods. You’ll find one rod on the left and the other on the right side. Both sides of rods are attached to spindles to allow steering of front tires.

The go-kart’s steering mechanism is primary yet challenging to maneuver, particularly for new drivers. But with frequent practice, you can master it quickly.

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Tips To Steer Go-Kart with Ease

Go-karting might leave you physically exhausted but one can’t deny how fun it is. It’s an excellent introduction to new drivers, especially for those who’re into car racing. 

Since steering isn’t easy in a go-kart, perhaps the tips below can help:

  • Getting a good positioning on the steering wheel is essential. It will allow you to have better control of the kart and drive effectively. Also, use both hands on the wheel instead of using only one hand.
  • It’s vital to brake harder for this kind of sports car, especially when nearing the corner. Unlike regular roads, go-karting tracks are different as it has lots of turnings. So, you need to hit the brake harder before locking and slowly release it when approaching the corner’s apex.
  • Slow down your kart while approaching the corner. Avoid turning it quickly, as it will lead to sliding. Accelerate the kart when you reach the apex of the corner. It will prevent sliding and allow a smooth exit. In addition, it improves your speed and lap time. 
  • Cover the entire track as it leads you to experience different hurdles, such as cornering or hitting the right apex point. This practice helps you to get used to the steering system of the kart, thus resulting in efficient maneuvering. 
  • Avoid steering the wheel aggressively, as it leads to jerking. Not only that, it makes controlling the kart difficult as you need to put more force on your arms while doing movements. Inculcate the art of smooth steering, which is quite crucial for fast racing. 
  • Ahead preparation is important. For instance, looking at the track further gives you time to strategize and prevents you from getting overwhelmed. So, while racing, spot the next turns and corners while exiting the current one. It will help you stay calm and be mentally prepared. 

Types of Power Steering In Go-Karts

Now that you know what power steering does, let’s look into its types. It has three main types:

  • Electric Power Steering

This type of steering system is mainly found in modern vehicles. The power source to steer is generated through the vehicle’s electrical system using an electric motor.

  • Hydraulic power steering

This steering system uses hydraulic fluid and an engine-driven accessory turns on the pump to pressurize the fluid. 

  • Electro-hydraulic power steering

Electro-hydraulic Power Steering is a combination of electric and hydraulic power steering systems. The hydraulic fluid is pressurized by an electric motor instead of a belt-driven power source.

Comparison Of Hydraulic And Electric Power Steering

Check below the comparison table of these two for a better understanding:

Hydraulic Power SteeringElectric Power Steering
It obtains power from the engine.The battery supplies the power.
Consumption of fuel is higher in this power steering system.Consumption of fuel is lower in electric power steering.
Installation of hydraulic power steering is cheaper and cost-efficient. Installing an electric power steering system is costlier as it contains several components.
Requires high maintenance like checking the fluid, proper lubrication, and more.Easy maintenance and no need to worry about lubrication, unlike hydraulic power steering.

Can I Install Power Steering In Go-Karts?

One commonly asked question about go-karts is if it’s possible to install power steering. The answer is yes!

While optional, if budget is not a concern, you can opt for Electro-hydraulic Power Steering, despite its high cost. Alternatively, you can use the traditional steering, but it will add weight to the kart.

It will also result in preventing you from reaching the maximum speed. One of the unique aspects of this sports car is its low weight. This feature allows you to drive the kart faster without consuming extra engine power. 

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the lack of power steering in go-karts makes them more challenging to control. While it can be added, it will increase the weight of the kart and reduce its top speeds.

All you need is good practice. You may also follow the tips mentioned above if you’re new. The outcome lies in the process, hence be consistent with the training, and you’ll get the desired result eventually.



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