How To Remove Speed Governor On Go-Kart Safely (Step-by-Step Guide)

Mechanic adjusting go-kart engine governor for increased speed. Learn how to remove speed governor on go-kart for a thrilling ride.

Have you ever imagined speeding around the track like a superhero? Imagine the rush of wind as you navigate each turn, liberated from speed restrictions. If you’re here wondering, “How to remove speed governor on go-kart?” you’ve found your ticket to that exhilarating experience.

This guide will show you how to get the most out of your go-kart. We’ll walk you through each step. We’ll ensure that the removal of the speed governor becomes a seamless process.

Safely experience the excitement of high-speed go-karting. Let’s embark on this journey together. Your go-karting adventure will become an unforgettable experience.

Tools And Equipment Required

There are instances where you might need specific tools depending on the make and model of a go-kart. When removing a speed governor, you need the right kinds of tools, call it the essentials. Generally, these include:

  • You will need the perfect wrench set. You’ll be loosening a lot of nuts and removing bolts.
  • In most cases, you only need a typical flathead screwdriver. It can remove various fasteners and screws. By using it in simple or tight places, you can keep intact the components that need to be removed.
  • Safety first! To avoid getting hurt, always wear gloves, safety glasses, and any other protective gear you have before you start working on your go-kart.

Why Remove The Speed Governor Step-By-Step guide

As go-kart enthusiasts, we understand that we place governors for complete mechanical reliability. They also promote extended lifespan in your valued vehicle, among other essential aspects. But at the same time, it limits certain possible speeds that daredevils highly crave and seek.

Daring enthusiasts can enjoy faster RPMs by removing the speed governor on your go-kart. This boosts the overall speed and performance of the sports car. Removing the governor can increase the speed of your go-kart. If you’re a thrill seeker, here’s a step-by-step guide to removing the speed governor.

Locating The Speed Governor

The location of the speed governor could vary depending on the model or design of the go-kart. Still, it is generally located near the engine. It is often connected to the engine control system or the throttle linkage.

The gas pedal handle can also connect to it. It is often placed inside various covers, panels, or casings. These protect it and the engine’s components. 

It’s essential to check online or in a manual to find the governor of a specific go-kart model. If both options are not accessible, identifying the type of speed governor used often provides clues to its whereabouts. For example.

  • If you see springs and levers near the engine, which may or may not be covered by panels, then you are looking at a mechanical governor.
  • Suppose there are electronic components near the engine. It also has no mechanical parts like levers or rotating weights. Besides, it lacks other features you’d usually find in other governors. In that case, you’re dealing with an electronic governor.
  • If you see rotating weights near the throttle engine or linkage, you’re dealing with a centrifugal governor.

Disabling The Engine

Make sure you turn off everything. Safely disconnect the battery from the engine. This ensures that you’re safe from all possible consequences when modifying your vehicle. For example:

  • Accidental electric shocks
  • Unintentional engine starts that could lead to injuries
  • Using tools on a running engine leads to serious damage to parts. It also causes fatal injuries.

Accessing The Governor Mechanism

The first thing you need to do is remove the engine and place it on a table or a workbench. You need to drain the oil and access the internal components. Ensure the platform is sturdy enough. 

To avoid having the oil drip out during your modification process, completely drain it. First, remove certain components, such as the engine cover. Now, you can access the governor mechanism. Usually sealed shut with six bolts. Depending on the size of the bolts, use a socket or wrench of size to remove them. 

Use a flat or thin object like a screwdriver. Place it between the engine and the engine cover. Carefully and lightly tap the driver with a hammer. Pull it off!

Identifying And Removing Limiting Components

Once the engine cover is off, you can start identifying the limiting components. Then you can remove them. These include the governor gear, shaft, washer, lock pin, and clip. They are all responsible for limiting speed.

To start, loosen the nut on the governor’s arm. Then, you can freely remove the governor parts. The best way is to cut or break the arm after removing the nut with a wrench or a socket.

Next, head on straight to removing the governor. You can start by removing the white shaft with a plier and then remove the lock pin with a sharp object. For the clip, use a screwdriver and a hammer and tap it either forcefully or gently to loosen it up and remove it. 

Pop the gear out with a flathead screwdriver. Use the same sharp object you used for the lock pin to remove the washer underneath the gear!

Adjusting Throttle Mechanism

Now that we have removed the speed governor, it is crucial to fine-tune the throttle mechanism. This will help achieve the perfect balance between performance and safety. Follow these clear steps to ensure your go-kart responds optimally:

  1. Tighten Throttle Cable:
    • Begin by adjusting the throttle cable tension to eliminate any slack. Use a wrench to tighten the cable, ensuring a quicker and more responsive throttle.
  2. Check for Obstructions:
    • Examine the throttle linkage for any obstructions or blockages. They might impede smooth operation. Clear any debris or hindrances that could affect performance.
  3. Throttle Response Test:
    • Engage in a few throttle response tests. Depress the accelerator and release it multiple times. This ensures a smooth and consistent response from the engine.
  4. Adjustment for Gradual Acceleration:
    • Fine-tune the throttle mechanism to achieve a balance between gradual acceleration and responsiveness. This is crucial for maintaining control and safety while enjoying increased speed.
  5. Brake System Check:
    • Before you hit the track, make sure to adjust the brake system accordingly. Test the brakes to guarantee they are responsive and effective. Compensate for the increased speed potential.

Securing Loose Ends 

Before everything is perfect in terms of top safety and optimal performance, securing loose ends is a necessary step. Properly document the components you have removed. Store them safely in case you need to reassemble. Also, keep any hardware like bolts, nuts, and screws that you connected to them.

  • Double-check if you have fitted all the needed components back after removing the governor.
  • Verify that all the connections are properly secure and tightened.
  • Perform a test drive in a private environment to ensure all systems, such as throttle, steering, brakes, etc., work like a charm post removal.

Testing And Fine-Tuning

Go-kart engine modifications for speed

The safest approach to post-governor removal is testing and fine-tuning the go-kart. It’s for your safety and others’ safety. It’s also for your go-kart’s best performance and to prevent unrepairable damages.

Here’s a short, comprehensive guide to help you get past this phase:

Gradual Speed Testing

In a smooth, flat, and private environment, test your speed after the removal of the governor. You don’t want to go full daredevil right after the procedure, so start with an initial slow-speed test first. This is to ensure that your go-kart responds as well as you thought it would. In the midst of it, check your brakes, handling, and steering with full attention.

Gradually increase the speed after you get a great response on all your checks. If the mid-increase seems good for you, go full-throttle. 

Observing Engine Performance

Optimal engine performance is attainable only after perfect observation, so here’s what you need to do:

  • Start your engine and check for idle stability (The more stable it is, the better the engine is running) 
  • Ensure that the engine responds smoothly by testing the throttle response. You can do this by hitting the accelerator and releasing it a couple of times.
  • Check acceleration (consistent acceleration and power) and deceleration (idle, no fluctuations or stalls)
  • Check for unusual noises and check engine temperature.
  • Always document the performances and work on them accordingly.

Fine Tuning Tips For Optimal Speed And Safety

The governor is primarily for safety and responsible vehicle operations. Removing it causes safety concerns that fine-tuning can avoid. Here are some fine-tuning tips for optimal speed and safety:

Safety Considerations

The modifications in this case are strictly for increased speed. But, here are some safety considerations to always ponder:

Legal Compliance

Make sure all the changes follow local standards and regulations. This will help you avoid legal consequences and promote safer driving.

Well-being First

Focus on safety over speed to prevent injuries and unfortunate accidents. In addition, acknowledge that reckless speed and driving endangers you and the people around you! 


Always remember to take precautions. Wear your safety gear, such as helmets, racing suits, gloves, and other protection during your test runs or riding with people.

What Does Removing The Governor Do? 

Removing the speed governor in a go-kart engine raises the RPM that the engine is intended to have. Fine-tuning the engine drastically improves speed. Take the example of a Predator 212cc engine. With the governor intact, the largest RPM it gives is 3600. If you decide to remove the speed governor, the RPM usually goes up to 5000!

How Does A Speed Governor Work On An Engine?

The speed governor acts like the police on a go-kart. It limits the engine’s RPM or restricts it from attaining top speeds. This maintains a safe and stable speed. They regulate the engine’s power output. This prevents the go-kart from exceeding its predetermined speed.


Fast go-kart racing is thrilling. It’s worth the time and effort of altering the go-kart. However, it is important to understand and follow strict, responsible modification guidelines. They highlight safe considerations in all aspects.

Ensure that you achieve optimal performance, but only within legal and safe boundaries. We hope this guide has helped you learn how to remove the speed governor on your go-kart.



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