Oscar Piastri’s Go-Karting Career Feats: From Local To Global Success

Oscar Piastri go kart racing

Oscar Piastri is a rising star in motorsport, currently competing in the FIA Formula 1 Championship for McLaren Racing. But before he began his journey in open-wheel racing, Piastri honed his skills in go-karting, a discipline that has produced some of the biggest names in motorsport history.

In this article, we will look at Oscar Piastri’s go-karting career, starting from when he first started racing, to his achievements and successes in the karting world, and how they set him on the path to his current position as one of the most promising young drivers in international motorsport.

We’ll also explore the various competitions Piastri competed in, and the tracks where he honed his craft.

When Did Oscar Piastri Start Racing Go-Karts?

Oscar Piastri started racing go-karts at the age of 9. He was introduced to karting by his father, who was a motorsport enthusiast.

As a young boy, Piastri showed a keen interest in racing and watched Formula 1 races with his dad. It wasn’t long before he was hooked on the adrenaline rush of go-karting and started to take it seriously.

Piastri began racing at his local karting club in Melbourne, Australia and quickly made a name for himself.

His natural talent and determination on the track set him apart from his peers. It wasn’t long before he won races and championships regionally.

How Good Was Oscar Piastri At Karting?

Oscar showed incredible skill and potential from a young age in his go-karting career.

He quickly became a standout performer on the Australian karting scene, winning multiple state and national titles.

Piastri’s impressive go-kart performances earned him a scholarship to the Formula 4 United States Championship in 2019, where he continued to impress with his racecraft and speed.

Piastri became one of the most promising young drivers in the world, winning the 2020 Formula 3 championship and earning a place at the Alpine Academy.


Oscar Piastri’s breakthrough moment in karting came in 2016 when he won the Australian Kart Championship (AKC) in the KA2 category.

This was a significant achievement for the young driver, as the AKC is considered one of the most prestigious karting competitions in Australia.

Piastri continued to make waves in the karting world in 2017 when he won the Junior KA2 category at the Victorian Kart Championship. He then competed in the Rotax Max Challenge Grand Finals in Portugal, where he finished in a respectable 11th place.

In 2018, Piastri switched to the senior ranks and competed in the KZ2 category. Despite being up against more experienced drivers, he quickly established himself as a force to be reckoned with.

He won the Victorian Kart Championship in the KZ2 category and finished second in the Australian Kart Championship.

Piastri’s impressive karting performances did not come unnoticed, and he was offered the opportunity to join the Renault Sport Academy in 2019.

This was a significant achievement for the young driver. It meant he was now part of the Renault Formula One driver development program.

2015Victorian Kart Championship1st
2016Australian Kart Championship3rd
2016Victorian Kart Championship1st
2016City of Melbourne Titles1st
2016City of Hume Titles1st
2016City of Geelong Titles1st
2017Australian Kart Championship2nd
2017Victorian Kart Championship1st
2017Rotax MAX Challenge Grand Finals3rd (Junior MAX category)
2018Toyota Racing Series1st
2018FIA Karting European Championship3rd (OK-Junior category)
2019FIA Formula 3 Championship1st (with Prema Racing)
Note: This table includes only the most significant championships and series in which Oscar Piastri competed. There may have been other smaller-scale races and events that are not listed here.

Where Did Oscar Piastri Go Karting?

Oscar Piastri started his Karting career in Melbourne, Australia.

He began competing at a local level and gradually worked his way up the ranks, earning several notable achievements along the way.

In 2015, Piastri won the Junior Clubman Championship at the Eastern Lions Kart Club, a significant accomplishment for the then-14-year-old.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, Oscar Piastri’s go-karting career was a remarkable journey that laid the foundation for his successful motorsport career.

Starting at nine, Piastri showed immense talent and dedication to the sport. This led to his breakthrough performance in the 2014 Australian Kart Championship.

Throughout his karting career, Piastri competed in several prestigious events around the world. These events included the Rotax Max Challenge Grand Finals, the CIK-FIA European Championship, and the CIK-FIA World Championship.

He consistently showcased his abilities as a driver, and his results speak for themselves, with multiple podiums and victories to his name.

Piastri’s talent on the track and his ability to adapt to various challenges play a crucial role in his success. His strong work ethic, determination, and passion for motorsports have also contributed to his accomplishments.

As Piastri continues his motorsport journey, it is clear that his go-karting experiences have helped shape him into the driver he is today.

With his impressive skills and drive to succeed, Piastri is poised for a bright future in the sport. His fans can look forward to seeing more of his exceptional performances in the years to come.



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