Lewis Hamilton’s Go-Karting Career: The Foundation Of His Success

Lewis Hamilton go kart racing

Lewis Hamilton’s name is synonymous with success in motorsports, but his journey to becoming one of the greatest drivers of all time began with go-karting.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at Lewis Hamilton’s go-karting career, including when he started karting, his early interest in motorsports, his remarkable achievements on the track, and the impact of his success on his later career.

We’ll also explore the tracks where Hamilton competed and the importance of go-karting as a stepping stone to professional racing

When Did Lewis Hamilton Start Racing Go-karts?

Lewis Hamilton started racing go-karts at the young age of eight. It was in 1993 when he first went to the Rye House Kart Circuit, a track near his hometown of Stevenage in England, to try go-karting.

Hamilton’s interest in motorsports started at a young age, inspired by his father, who would take him to watch car races.

Starting young gave Hamilton several advantages, including the opportunity to develop his skills and gain valuable experience early on. It also allowed him to gain a competitive edge over other racers who started later in life.

Moreover, starting karting at a young age meant that Hamilton had more time to prepare for future racing opportunities. This gave him the chance to become a more well-rounded driver and to develop his skills to a high level.

The support of Hamilton’s family was also instrumental in his early success. They recognized his talent and encouraged him to pursue his passion for racing.

How Good Was Lewis Hamilton At Karting?

Hamilton was exceptionally good at karting, and his early success in the sport was nothing short of dominant. He won the British Karting Championships in 1996 and followed it up with European Karting Championships in 1997 and 1998.


Hamilton’s breakthrough in karting came in 2000 when he won the World Karting Championship. This victory put him on the radar of professional racing teams, and he soon signed with the MBM.com team, a professional karting team.

Hamilton’s success in karting was instrumental in his later success in other forms of racing. It gave him the experience and skills necessary to compete at the highest level of motorsports.

1995Super One British Junior Yamaha ChampionshipChampion
1996Super One British Junior TKM ChampionshipChampion
1997Super One British Junior ICA ChampionshipChampion
1998European Junior ICA ChampionshipChampion
1999Formula A World ChampionshipWinner
2000Formula A European ChampionshipChampion
2000Formula A World ChampionshipRunner-up
2001Formula A European ChampionshipChampion
2001Formula A World ChampionshipChampion
Note: This table includes only the most significant championships and series in which Lewis Hamilton competed. There may have been other smaller-scale races and events that are not listed here.

Where Did Lewis Hamilton Go Karting?

One of the most significant tracks for Hamilton during his karting career was the Rye House Kart Circuit near his hometown of Stevenage. It was here that he first started karting and developed his skills as a driver.

Hamilton also competed on several other notable tracks throughout Europe, including the Kartodromo Valencia in Spain, the Genk circuit in Belgium, and the La Conca track in Italy.

Final Thoughts

Lewis Hamilton’s success in karting was a crucial stepping stone to his later success in professional racing. Starting at a young age allowed him to develop his skills and gain valuable experience early on. It also allowed him to gain a competitive edge over other racers who started later in life.

Moreover, Hamilton’s early success in karting gave him the confidence and motivation to pursue his dreams of becoming a professional racing driver. His karting career was a testament to his talent and determination, and it continues to inspire aspiring racers around the world.



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