Can You Flip A Go Kart? (It’s Possible, But Rare – Here’s Why)

Unlocking the Risks and Excitement of Can You Flip a Go Kart

Wondering if a Go Kart can flip over?

Even though they appear stable with their low and squat stance – Go karts can flip.

In this quick post, I’ll go over the factors that contribute to go-kart flips and talk about some safety measures that can be taken to prevent such accidents.

Can Go-Karts Flip?

Yes, Go karts can flip. However, it’s rather rare.

It’s important to remember that flips are quite rare, with only 0.2% of kart racing accidents involving them, according to the International Karting Federation.

Maintaining control and stability at high speeds is crucial, as exceeding 70-80 mph dramatically increases the risk of a rollover.

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Otherwise, the chances of it flipping are very low.

What Makes A Go Kart Flip?

Here are the 4 main things that could flip a Go kart:


When you’re going too fast, it becomes much harder to maintain control and stay stable.

This increases the risk of flipping when making turns or hitting a bump or an obstacle. 

A kart that is going at about 70 – 140 mph is far more likely than one that is under control at 30 mph taking the turn or hitting something.

Sharp Turns

This goes in conjunction with the first reason.

Making a sharp turn at high speed can make your go kart flip.

How? This shifts your weight forcefully to the tires on the outside edge, and those outer tires end up losing traction, breaking free, and starting to slide outward.

This strong force messes with the kart’s suspension, pushing it past its limit for staying stable.

The chassis responds by rolling up onto its side, and the inside wheels that lift up become a pivot point, which causes the go kart to tip over and flip end over end.


Go karts can flip if they collide with other karts or debris on the track.

When a kart gets hit, the impact jolts the whole thing.

This sudden stop makes the wheels on the side that got hit lift up. The wheels on the other side, still spinning, act like a pivot and throw the kart up like crazy.

If the wheels get caught on barriers or other karts, it can whip the whole chassis around and flip it over pretty easily.

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Kart’s Centre Of Gravity

Unlike low cars, go-karts have you sitting way up high on the chassis.

So the combined rider/kart gravity center is raised up, letting it take less tilt to put it outside the stable footing of the wheels.

This makes it super easy to knock the kart off balance and flip it.

The Dangers Of Rollovers

Flipping over crashes are way more dangerous than flipping over in a car.

This is because they don’t have the protection a car offers.

Karts don’t have seatbelts, airbags, or strong metal frames like regular cars, so it’s easy for the drivers to get tossed out of the kart.

They could even end up getting run over by other karts that can’t steer clear of them on the track.

If a rider gets thrown out, they might smack hard into the ground and the rolling kart could potentially crash down on top of them.

That can lead to serious injuries even before the kart finishes rolling. 

How to Prevent a Go-Kart From Flipping

safety measures to prevent go-kart flipping

Here are some of my best tips to prevent your Go kart from flipping in the first place:

#1 Wear Safety Gear

ALWAYS ALWAYS wear proper safety gear.

Wearing helmets, neck braces, padded race suits, and gloves will greatly reduce the severity of the injury in the event of an accident.

  • Helmets shield your head from hard impacts with the ground or kart parts during a crash.
  • Neck braces help stabilize your neck and prevent whiplash injuries.
  • Padded suits decrease the chances of road rash and safeguard your limbs from fractures.
  • Gloves are essential for preventing scrapes and cuts to your hands.

#2 Don’t Take Sharp Turns At High Speeds

Avoid making abrupt and jerky turns at high speed, as they can easily flip the kart.

Always brake and slow down before heading into a turn to keep your speed under control.

Instead, do smooth and gradual movements to follow a wide arc through the turn.

#3 Don’t Get Too Close To Other Go-Karts

Avoid going very close to other Go karts because you never know if you would collide. Also, leave some room for abrupt braking or if a kart loses control.

Awareness of the situation with other karts around you enables you to take action before any issues arise.

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#4 Avoid Hitting Objects On The Track

It is critical to stay alert and steer clear of any barriers, tires, parked karts, debris, or other objects that may end up on the racing surface.

Hitting things at speed can easily cause your kart to flip by abruptly snagging a wheel or interfering with the chassis.

So control your speed when passing areas where items may come into sight.

#5 Keep A Low Center Of Gravity

When you’re going into turns, lean your body inward to keep the kart’s center of gravity low.

Try to stay balanced and centered inside instead of shifting your weight all the way outside.

The lower the combined rider/kart CG, the harder it will be to flip.

#6 Duck Your Head When Flipping

If you find yourself in a situation where a rollover is about to happen, make a quick move to tuck in your limbs and lower your head.

Keep your body in a compact posture to avoid getting your arms or legs crushed under the kart

Focus on protecting your head and neck by tucking them in as the ground comes closer.



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