A Burning Question For Racing Drivers: Are Go-Kart Suits Fireproof?

Are Go-Kart Suits Fireproof?

Are you gearing up for some heart-pounding go-kart action and wondering are go-kart suits fireproof? You’re not alone.

Go-kart suits are not fireproof; instead, they are engineered to be fire-resistant. These suits incorporate cutting-edge technology to provide fire resistance.

These suits are crafted from a variety of materials, each serving its unique purpose. Join us on this journey as we explore the materials commonly used in the construction of go-kart suits and discover whether they can stand up to the intense heat of the racetrack.

Understanding Are Go-Kart Suits Fireproof

If you’re a go-kart racing enthusiast, you’ll quickly learn that investing in a high-quality go-kart suit is a must, especially if you’re new to the sport. These suits play a crucial role in safeguarding your body, as go-karts, unlike traditional racing cars, lack enclosures. Consequently, racers face the potential of scraping against various surfaces in the event of an accident.

These suits are not just durable; they are built to withstand the rigors of racing, offering resistance against abrasion and wear. But the real question remains: can they protect you from fire? To answer that, we must delve into the materials commonly used in the construction of these suits

Materials Commonly Used In Fireproofing Go-Kart Suits

material is used for fireproof go kart racing suits


Leather is one of the most commonly used materials for go-kart suits, helping protect drivers from abrasion. Racing suit manufacturers use the best leather from around the world to cater to karting enthusiasts.

The leather suits usually protect drivers from abrasion rather than fire. However, the leather suits can also be fire resistant depending on their quality. Premium leather racing suits are combined with other materials like nylon or Cordura to become fire-resistant.


Most manufacturers of go-kart racing suits use Nomex as a base material to create their driving kits. This material is used in plants and factories that emit high heat.

Nomex is used in racing suits because it does not melt or burn when exposed to fire. Amateur drivers should consider buying go-kart suits made of Nomex, as it gives them the ultimate protection from fire.

The material’s fibrous structure cannot catch fire, which allows manufacturers to produce racing suits that will provide drivers with permanent protection. Nomex is also a durable material that will not wear out for many years.


Kevlar is also similar to Nomex in terms of its fore-resistant properties. It is a strong fiber that can be combined with other fabrics to create premium go-kart suits.

Though it is a durable and strong fiber, the material is light, making it ideal to use for go-kart suit productions. It is not only flame resistant but also saves the suit from abrasion. Abrasion can happen in go-kart suits because the driver is exposed to external elements in the event of an accident on the racing track.

Fireproof vs. Flame-Resistant

Fireproof and flame-resistant almost have similar meanings, only with subtle differences. For the untrained mind, these two terms can seem the same or extremely different. So, let us try to understand the difference between fireproof and flame-resistant materials.


Fireproof materials are those that cannot catch fire easily and are resistant to all types of fire, at least for a prolonged period. Most people think that being fireproof means the material will never catch fire, but that is not always the case. It doesn’t matter how tough the material is. Everything can succumb to fire when exposed for a long period.

Being fireproof means it will be difficult for the fire to overcome the material in a short period. That is the reason go-kart suit manufacturers use durable materials like Nomex, Kevlar, etc.


If your go-kart suit is flame-resistant, it means that your suit will be able to withstand the heat in case of any fire accidents. Being resistant to flame does not mean your suit won’t catch fire, but it will rather delay the effects of the fire.

Your suit will be able to withstand the heat from the fire without being set alight. Flame-resistant materials make it difficult for the fire to burn the skin of the driver for a prolonged period. The heat will take a long time to transmit to the body.

It is important to know the difference between fireproof and flame-resistant materials in go-kart racing because it will help you decide which suits to choose. Some manufacturers label their suits as fireproof, while some label them as fire-resistant. The choice is ultimately down to you, but both materials will help protect you from fire.

There are different types of suits in go-karting, and they are differentiated in terms of their certifications. If you are planning to race in the domestic or national level events, you must use a suit that at least has a FIA Level 1 certification. For international events, you are required to wear a suit with FIA Level 2 certification.

Testing And Certification

Go-kart suits undergo lots of testing in order to determine whether they provide safety to the drivers. Manufacturers have to put their suits through various tests before releasing them in the market for commercial sales.

The most important aspect of go-kart safety is their fire-resistant ability. Flame-resistant tests are performed in the manufacturing plants to ensure complete safety for the drivers in case of a fire incident during the race.

The Thermal Protective Performance (TPP) test is used to measure the ability of go-kart suits to resist fire and heat. This method is also used for heat exposure tests in the process of manufacturing a go-kart suit. A go-kart suit with proper certification is able to withstand a heat of more than 400 degrees Celsius.

If you want to race professionally, you must use go-kart suits that are certified by legal certification bodies like the FIA and SFI. The FIA requires your suit to have at least one level of certification if you are participating in national events and two levels for international competitions.

The SFI certifies whether go-kart racing suits are eligible for use by checking their safety properties. It is a non-profit organization that checks the standards of go-kart suits and other equipment.

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Importance Of Fireproof Go-Kart Racing Suits

If you are new to the world of go-kart racing, you will be surprised to find that many fire accidents occur during a race. You cannot use a non-certified go-kart suit if you are competing professionally since it can become dangerous at times.

The best way to ensure your safety from fire accidents while racing is to invest in a good-quality racing suit. It is important to remember that a go-kart suit is not the same as an average racing suit. A go-kart driver has a higher chance of getting injured during an accident because the kart is exposed to external elements.

One important reason to invest in a good go-kart suit is to protect yourself in case the engine catches fire. The engine can get overheated sometimes due to various reasons, and that can lead to engine fires. The go-kart suit will ensure that you are protected from the extreme heat of the fire due to its fire-resistant properties.

There can also be cases where you collide with other drivers, leading to fuel spillage from the tank. If there are any sparks when there is fuel spillage, it can result in fire. By wearing an FIA or SFI-certified go-kart suit, you can ensure your life’s safety when there is a fuel spillage.

Racing Suit Maintenance And Care

Go-karting suits can get stained worse than most racing suits because the go-kart is open to external elements. You have to ensure to keep it clean and tidy whenever you are done racing so that it can last longer. A good go-kart racer always takes good care of their go-karting equipment, starting from their suits.

The best way to clean your go-kart suit is to use a soft brush to wipe away the dust gently. Washing it by hand is more convenient to get all the stains off, but you can also put it in a cloth bag and dump it in the washing machine.

After washing and drying the go-kart suit, make sure you store it in a cool and dry place. The closet is the best place to keep it stored so that it does not come in contact with the sunlight.

Buying The Right Go-Kart Suit

If you are looking to buy the right go-kart suit, you have to keep a few things in mind. It is advisable to avoid wearing non-certified suits if you are planning to take part in professional racing events.

Purchasing a go-kart suit with the right material is crucial for your safety. Look for materials that are fire-resistant, like Nomex and Kevlar.

Legitimate go-kart suits require certifications from standard-checking bodies like the FIA and SFI. They ensure that the manufacturers comply with the standard safety procedures for selling go-kart suits.

Another important aspect is to find a go-kart suit with the best fit. If it is too small, you will have problems with wind and heat circulation. If it is too big, it might hinder your performance.

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Buying a go-kart suit with fireproof properties is important to protect you from any instances of fire during a race. You should always be prepared to come out of such situations unharmed.

You must research properly the types of materials that are best for fireproof go-kart suits. Your safety should be your priority, so we advise you to race with all the safety gear on.

By following our comprehensive answer on are go-kart suits fireproof? racers and enthusiasts will gain a deeper understanding of the importance of fireproof go-kart suits and how to choose the best one for their needs, ensuring their safety on the track.



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